Friday, December 2, 2011

Guilt-less Fantasies Cupcakes

Although I love sweets, I have never been a cake person. This is why I don't pay much attention to cupcakes. Besides being a heavy snack, a cupcake can be hideously fattening! Sometimes, though, very pretty and very cute cupcakes make me want to eat them!

If you do pay attention to the sugar content in food in order to keep from getting fat, or if you are a diabetic, these cupcakes will be good news to you. A supplier called Guilt-less Fantasies produces sugar free cupcakes in various custom made designs. For a recent baby shower, we got these wonderful cupcakes. Charming!

 More pictures after the jump!

Yabu Restaurant, Megamall

Cross-section of a deep fried oyster. Yum!
It is no secret that my husband and I love Japanese food. If we're out and the question of where to eat comes up, nine out of ten times the answer will be a Japanese restaurant. Since we are both creatures of habit (ie, we are too lazy to venture out of our usual stomping grounds) our favorite eating places of Japanese food are quite few. 

Luckily, we chanced upon a new restaurant in Megamall, called Yabu, quite near Teriyaki Boy where we have our usual Japanese fare. On the window is a sign that says "soft opening": we knew we were up for something new.