Saturday, January 23, 2010

Some Moving Ads Grabbed from WebUrbanist

These ads are so sad. Taken from WebUrbanist blog.

I can't believe...

...that someone could actually freak out for a game like that! Haha, that is soooo retro! (grabbed from OC Weekly: Best Retro Video Game Commercials by Peter Mai)

Online Gamer Looks For A New Girlfriend

I almost feel sorry for this guy... @_@

Online Gamer Looks For A New Girlfriend - Watch more Funny Videos

Life Without Mobile

I'm not a phone person and hence, I keep leaving my phone at home (when going to the office) or at the office (when going home). I can live without my cellphone. This guy apparently, can't. (Lol!)

ATT Life Without Mobile Episode 1 - Watch more AT

Friday, January 22, 2010

Shinjuku Incident

 This movie is Jacky Chan seen in a different setting: drama. It was also pretty obvious that he was too old for his character, but he did a good job anyway. I missed seeing him do lots of stunts and stunning fight scenes.

In this movie, Chan played as an illegal Chinese immigrant in Japan, who got involved with the Japanese mobsters and police. I never had an inkling that the Chinese and the Japanese people discriminate against each other.

Seven Pounds

This emotionally arresting movie has proven Will Smith's talent to me. From being a funny rapper guy with great abs, he was able to show his acting prowess in this film. I love the story. It is sad, but it makes you take a better look at life.

Tim Thomas lost his fiancee in a car accident.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


There's a lesson to be learned in this movie: if you try very hard and you put your heart to it, in the end, you are going to get the girl. It doesn't matter if you're not good looking, has zero skills around girls and has to compete with an ex-punk named Jango who owns a chain of yoghurt stores. If you keep your eyes to the goal and try your hardest to succeed, Jennifer Aniston will be yours forever. Haha.

Cool clothing stores to watch out for!

I met with Jacks for breakfast this morning, but she had to leave early because she was feeling sick. So I spent the rest of my day browsing through Market! Market! and I got some cool stuff!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Reader

Upon learning that Kate Winslet won an Oscar for this film, I felt only smug, finally pointing a finger at what struck me the most about the film. Winslet gave a winning performance, apart from the story being compelling to me in the first place. It is a story that spawned a lot of "what ifs" which occupied my mind most of today. What if Hanna Schmitz didn't get the promotion? What if Michael didn't get sick with scarlet fever? What if he had not thanked Hannah for her kindness? What if Michael revealed her illiteracy?

Somehow, this film saddened Carlo - yet it didn't sadden me at all. I thought it was beautiful, and it had a sense of positivity to it.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

This movie is one of the saddest movies I have ever seen, not in the teary eyed sort of way, but one that makes me ache and tugs into my heartstrings, subtly and strongly that the sadness does not pass through my tear ducts. Right after seeing it, I rushed to the side of the one I love, embracing him tightly lest time takes him away from me. This movie made me realize a very important thing: life is fleeting and short, time passes by very quickly, and when you find love, hold on to it very dearly and savor every precious moment because moments pass by like sand through your fingers.