Sunday, August 30, 2009

Laughter isn't always the same

I read an informative article on How Stuff Works. Incidentally, I feel as though I get to know the other kinds of laughter more as I grow older. Don't we all laugh honest laughter as children?

The author named 5 different types of laughter.

How To Make Any Food

Browsing through the net one day, I came across this useful website. Its called "Recipe Puppy" and allows the user to search for recipes to make any food:

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Daycare Nightmare

I must confess that I am a compulsive shopper, especially when it comes to books. I like to buy whatever I can, for the thrill of a getting a good book out of a pile of seemingly worthless ones. In the words of my better half, I find one "diamond in the rough" for every three books I buy. No wonder our bookshelves easily get filled by second hand books, only a small percentage of which I actually get to finish.

Zombie Wars

I've seen very little Indie films in my lifetime, and maybe, for good reason: they are very weird. Here's another Indie film I've watched, out of boredom and frugality. It's a zombie flick (hence the title), set in an apocalyptic present-time when zombies and humans have been engaged in war for fifty years already. The narrator in the opening scene describes that zombies appeared from under the earth and started eating humans they could get their hands on. Those who managed to survive formed tiny groups of resistance against the zombies. From an early age, these humans train in fighting and live in military-like fashion, to equip themselves against the zombies.

The film focuses on a sort of platoon of humans, lead by a female general.