Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dr. Quinzel and Dr. Arkham

A few days ago, my boss lent me his Harley Quinn comic books. I got to read them during my commute time (while waiting for a ride in a coffee shop - another story) There was a scene in an issue where Harley got fired by Dr. Arkham himself, when she set the Joker free. Somehow this seemed like an anachronism to me, because Dr. Arkham seems like a very old person, from when Arkham Asylum was first built, presumably in an older time than when Harley and the Joker existed.Speculation led to the Dr. Arkham firing Harley to be Arham Jr. C tries to set things right:

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Malaysia Truly Asia

I know I am mababaw (shallow) but I really like this ad! I love the song; its so calming. I enjoy catching this ad on TV. I like singing the song in my spare time, also, and I wish I could download the full version of this ad so I can watch it whenever I feel like woolgathering.

I am not entirely impressed by Malaysia as a tourist spot. Of course, this is a biased view, because I am a Filipino and I think that the Philippines is still a better looking country (and cheaper!). Maybe if I get to visit Malaysia someday, I will have a point of comparison. From the commercials, though, which showcase Malaysia's tourism wonders, I can name spots in the Philippines which can compete, if not surpass, Malaysian tourist spots. But I am very impressed at the way the Malaysian government promotes tourism in their country. Case in point: this ad. They really make an effort for potential tourists from other parts of the world visit Malaysia. Even I, who already live in a beautiful tropical country, feel encouraged at the thought of visiting Malaysia, because of this ad. 

LOL! Star Wars Photos

Star Wars culture lives on, even after decades! I am not much of a Star Wars fan, but sometimes Star Wars references can get so cute! I found two sites that stretch Star Wars mania to new heights!

Stefan's Flickr Photo Gallery features a set called Stormtroopers 365, a project which got him taking a picture of two storm troopers, TK455 and TK479 in various settings for 365 days (except for a two-day break when his wife gave birth to their son - how cute!) . They look incredibly real in the photos! I went through each of the 365 photos one by one, and when I landed on this photo on the left I laughed!  Stefan's caption on the photo read "Kiss your Emperor". Just look at Palpatine's expression. He looks like a happy Sith!

I also liked the pictures where Stefan portrayed the Laws of Robotics, which I encountered in reading Isaac Asimov. See the pic for the First Law of Robotics here and the Second Law of Robotics here. Third Law pic can be seen here

The Vader Project, which was also featured in Web Urbanist, looks a bit contrived to me, but is still interesting for  Vader fans out there. Sadly, I have no favorites. I guess I just couldn't decide; or maybe I am not much of a fan of Darth Vader. Every Star Wars geek feels possessive of him, after all. I like the pic on the right, though.

Speaking of food and Vader, the two shirt designs below bring together three favorites: Vader, milk and cookies. I just like them for the cuteness, but I can't seem to pull off the college smart-ass look of statement shirts. I think I will look a bit ridiculous wearing them. From Think Geek and Snorg Tees.

10 July Update: Darth Vader' typical breakfast: the Death Star cookie. From Toxel.

I Heart: City of Scars Batman Fanfilm

I found this Batman fan film on Geeks Are Sexy, via Dailymotion. I enjoyed it so much. Here's what I think of the portrayal of the characters:

Batman. Just like the cartoon Batman, Bruce Wayne here is a big guy, unlike Christian Bale in The Dark Knight. As Bruce Wayne, he looks different: like a non-serious guy. Its almost as though they used a Bruce Wayne double. I guess this is how it should be. Bruce Wayne takes on a different personality when he dons the bat suit. The suit, the utility belt, the motorcycle and other equipment that Batman used are also realistic, not slick and artificial looking like in the recent Batman movies. The logo is kind of different from the traditional bat signal, but not entirely unpleasant.

Joker. This guy was good! I think the director truly based his portrayal of the characters from the cartoon. Mark Hamil is still a bit better at being the voice of Joker, with the maniacal laughter and voice pitch, but the Joker actor in this short film is also very good. 

Harley Quinn. Madelynn Rae, the actress in this short film who played Harley, also sang the theme song City of Scars. I think she's a great singer, and she did justice to Harley' character from her portrayal. She's also very pretty, unlike how I perceive Harley to be from the cartoon portrayal. Harley's character is one character in this short film that wasn't completely copied from the cartoon, but I liked it way better. 

Arthur Wesker / Scarface. The actor in the short film got the cartoon Wesker's wimpiness, but not the gentleness and kind natured-ness. Arthur Wesker in the cartoon is an innocent man with no control of himself, being a dummy of Scarface, hating and being terrified of Scarface. In the short film, Arthur Wesker empathizes with Scarface. Still, he looked crazy enough in the movie, like a man who kept hearing voices in his head. I guess I'm partial to the cartoon Wesker, a guy who was basically just crazy and detested his other personality as a criminal mastermind.

One LOL moment was when the dwarf guy threatened Batman with a gun, and how easily Batman got rid of the gun and simply told the dwarf to "MOVE!" I also like the portrayal of Gotham City in this short film; it is more realistic, rather than the Holywood portrayal of a City so unreal and unpersonal. Gotham City in the short film was a more "everyday" city. 

The kid in the short film lacked personality also. He looked more like a five year old than a ten year old who had the guts to kill his parents' murderer. I guess, he looked more innocent, but then maybe a more innocent kid will have more guts to turn a gun to a criminal rather than a kid who thinks a lot. And I think Councilman Johnson was a bit too old for his character.

Overall, though, I give the movie an A-. Its better than some Hollywood Batman movies, and I love it!

So this is how it goes...

This chart explains a lot. Duly noted, yes. The OMG-WTF Spectrum. Via Geeks are Sexy

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Whoa! An anachronism in the Mos Eisley Cantina

This video is so cute. Via Geeks are Sexy.

Girls, don't try this at home

Yes, my boyfriend plays WoW. Yes, he can get addicted to it, spending whole days and nights sitting on the computer, leveling his character. But, I can give ten reasons... or maybe even more, when I feel like it, to not delete his character. Here they are:
  1. I respect his property and space, and I think online game characters count as property. 
  2. It honestly does not bother me at all. I can get home and fix dinner while we tell each other about our day, all the while he keeps grinding away monsters on the screen. 
  3. It makes him happier, it serves as an outlet of recreation.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

ROFLMAO Baby Lobster

This is incredibly cute. When I have a baby I wanna dress him up like this and put him in a pot. Oh noes! I be dinners!

Adventures with My Face

Harharhar! Because I just couldn't stop, here's a tiny gallery of my face morphed with some popular faces.  These are my favorites.

From left: Me-Beyonce, Me-Alyx Vance (from Half Life 2), Me-Vanessa Hudgens, Me-Zhang Ziyi

Guess Who?

These two cute kids are how our kids are supposed to look like someday! Via Morph Thing, I was able to produce these baby pics combining mine and C's features. I think that the boy looks like him and the girl looks like a baby me. Still, there are residual features of each other that one cannot deny that these are our kids!

I'm so excited! We are not going to have kids in the next ten years or so, not until we are ready for them, but thinking about it makes me happy.