Saturday, February 27, 2010

Come to the Dark Side. We have cookies! -V

Lol, love this picture!

The Oatmeal Quiz: How Addicted to Facebook are You?

How Addicted to Facebook Are You?
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If I Were a Boy

I've heard this song before. I've watched the video before. Last night, however, I was fixing up my iTunes and was listening to this song after dinner, while everything was nice and quiet at the house. I began to realize how much it tells about men. Before I knew it, I got so touched and cried at this song. What ticked me off was:
I'll put myself first
And make the rules as I go
Here's the vid.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fight Club (movie)


This movie is so sad. It reminded me of Catcher in the Rye novel. Still, I watched it thrice, one with commentary. I'm home sick, after all.

Smoking Facts - A Post on Digg

The Facts About Cigarettes

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hot swimsuit sale!

I totally love the swimsuit sale at Sports Warehouse! I got two pairs of two-piece Arena swimsuits for the very low price of five hundred bucks! Finding a bikini in my size was quite a chore. I had to try on several! I stayed away from small (to prevent embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions!) and found out that I am a medium-sized girl. I also threw in a new pair of flip flops to replace my ratty old tsinelas. All I need now is a small bottle of sunblock lotion and a pair of board shorts and I am again ready to hit the beach! I hope I'll be in tip top shape for my friend's birthday in Batangas this weekend!

Posted weeks later; me in my "boyfriend-friendly" new swimwear! Here, talking to said boyfriend about a new PC upgrade that he wanted to purchase... haha!

Japan Sinks


For some reason, I cried so much watching this film. I never realized how conscious I am of the Japanese culture and civilization. I love Japanese culture, but I also love Filipino culture. I love all cultures! I like learning new things about people and places all over the world, and I feel sad at the idea that one culture could be totally erased. We humans are so diverse, and I value this diversity. 

Just this afternoon, I went shopping and passed by the southern pearl market. Most of the merchants there are Muslim women, and I love their wares! The jewelry and fabrics and the fashion are unique. Its very beautiful, and I think its very nice that the Japanese, the Chinese, the Indians, the Muslims, the Filipinos and a lot of other cultures express beauty in their own ways; each expression is of course, beautiful.

Entertaining the idea of Japan sinking: it may be a huge disaster for a people to lose their land, but what makes Japan as Japan is the people. The Japanese could be living on American or Australian or wherever, but the culture and the customs remain among them. Nothing could really sink down the people of the rising sun.

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Reaping


Quite a while back, I watched a movie and the trailer of The Reaping movie showed. I was a bit intrigued by this horror film, depicting the Ten Plagues from the Old Testament as an object of horror. From what I remember in grade school, the Ten Plagues were sent by God through Moses to the people of Egypt, to convince the Egyptians to let the Israelites have their freedom. After the tenth plague, the Pharaoh finally let Moses' people go, and Moses led his people to the promised land, in the process making a cool show of clearing a path through the red sea to let his people pass.

Of course, some scenes in the movie were horrific enough, depicting the main character Katherine's struggle with her faith and the death of her child.