Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ferocious what?

After a year, I rediscovered the avatar I created for Facebook Wrestling. Here's her bio:
Basic Information
Favorite Saying:
Nineteen-year-old American wrestler Dolores Jackson, of Hispanic-African descent, or "Ferocious D" as she calls herself in the local wrestling circles, grew up in a predominantly Spanish area of New York City raised singly by her mother Flor Vega, sister of the late and great Mexican luchador Pedro Vega. A stunning turn of events led her into the lair of Ambrose "The Big Brose" Jackson, strongman of notorious NYC gang The Bloods, who introduced himself to her as her father. Fueled by revenge, Dolores vows to destroy her father for his abandonment and the death of Flor Vega when Dolores was nine. She combines trained moves from her luchador uncle and street-smart brawl-style fighting that comes natural to this NYC-bred wrestler.
Heel: Mastermind
Always scheming behind the scenes to get others to do their dirty work.
I got more losses than wins and eventually lost interest in the game. I basically lost interest in all Facebook games. But still, Ferocious D. lol. =D