Sunday, May 9, 2010

Club Manila East

The oppressive heat has finally driven us out of the house - but only for a day - and into the water! We packed our bags and headed to Club Manila East, a heavily advertised resort somewhere near Metro Manila. We were only happy to get a room we wanted, that comes with a private wading pool, but we didn't anticipate the heavy Sunday crowd! We still had lots of fun, though. This tiny pool is what we were really after:

Even with a six-feet diameter and a depth that reaches up to my thighs, this wading pool had been enough for me. After all, I don't know how to swim and can only content myself with sitting and playing in the water. (Will attend lessons next month!) The water isn't chlorinated and is replaced with every new guest. Unfortunately, after getting the room, I immediately immersed myself in the water, not thinking about having it replaced. Oh well. I took a shower after wards anyway.

We enjoyed ourselves swimming in another pool as well, but we refused to enjoy the other pools because of the heavy concentration of people! There was a wave-making machine, a long, shallow pool which looks like a river, a lap pool and a lot of other pools. I even went kayaking in a pool intended for the purpose, but it wasn't as fun kayaking alone. And I really wanted to use the giant slide but someone wouldn't agree! (I can't swim, after all.) Nevertheless, we could still try out the other attractions next time, when there are fewer guests and when I get my camera case. Here's a picture of the only pool which we used, its quite secluded and I think it was really intended for overnight guests, because it was open until three in the morning:

A few days back, I found a waterproof camera case in the grocery, for taking underwater shots. I spent a good time during the trip regretting about not having bought it; I could have taken lots of water shots with that special case! Well, I guess when we come back when there's less people and more time to take action shots on the water, I'll have a better time taking pictures with my camera in that case. The resort is only a short ride away from our place, anyway.