Monday, August 29, 2011

Long Weekend Day 1: Chocolate Truffles

It's a known fact that I love chocolates, cream cheese and cocoa powder. Why not have all three in one bite? This is precisely the reason why I created these cocoa powder coated chocolate truffles - I did not exactly invent the recipe, I borrowed a recipe from a magazine for truffle acorns and ended up with these creamy, powdery chocolate treats. Not bad, not at all.

How could the one food that looks like poop end up to be the best tasting food ever invented?
Today was my second attempt at making chocolate truffles; I was confident enough to try making three kinds of them: dark chocolate, white chocolate and milk chocolate. My first attempt was the milk chocolate kind, using Philadelphia cream cheese and Ricoa Easy-Melt baking chocolate chips (semi-sweet milk chocolates). So far, so good: by the time Carlo had recovered from a recent bout of stomach flu (another story) he and I were literally at each other's necks for dibs on the chocolate truffles chilling in the fridge. 

I had to make do with Magnolia cream cheese today because the grocery was out  of stock of Philadelphia cream cheese. Mental note: next time, I would always choose Philadelphia over Magnolia. Philadelphia cream cheese now ranks as my personal favorite: the color is whiter, the texture smoother and the taste is creamier than Magnolia, with only a ten-peso difference between the two, Magnolia being cheaper. 

My first few attempts at handling the chocolate were sticky: very, since my hands are warm and the chocolate melts very easily. As soon as I got used to it, I was able to make more even and rounder balls. For some reason, the white chocolate was the meltiest of them all, while the dark chocolate was the firmest. Now I don't want to be a racist when it comes to chocolate but it kinda makes me wonder if the varying ingredients had something to do with this. 

Tomorrow, I shall be making mochi balls filled with sweet bean paste.