Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

This movie is one of the saddest movies I have ever seen, not in the teary eyed sort of way, but one that makes me ache and tugs into my heartstrings, subtly and strongly that the sadness does not pass through my tear ducts. Right after seeing it, I rushed to the side of the one I love, embracing him tightly lest time takes him away from me. This movie made me realize a very important thing: life is fleeting and short, time passes by very quickly, and when you find love, hold on to it very dearly and savor every precious moment because moments pass by like sand through your fingers.

The story was told by the aging Daisy, Benjamin's love interest. Benjamin, played by Brad Pitt, had a curious condition which caused him to be born old and die a baby. As a child, he was an old man, and as he grew older, his appearance became younger and younger until he died as a newborn. I must admit that at the start, I was rooting for him, wanting him to succeed and pinning for him to be a better man. As a young man with the appearance of an elderly person, indeed he was very vulnerable. He did not have the benefit of experience and wisdom that should've come with his wrinkles. On the other hand, one would think, that a wise and old person with the physical appearance of a young man would've gained benefits - he would be wise to the ways of the world while still enjoying the benefit of youth. Yet, this was not Benjamin's case. I though it was very sad, to be young and yet not be able to live and enjoy your life beside the one you love the most. It must be very sad to have your own precious memories erased, to have your wisdom erased to make way for youth and innocence.

I read a quote once: youth is wasted on the young. I thought it true, wisdom indeed comes with old age. But I think what is more important is the people around you: the memories you partake with them and the love you share with each other. If it was only youth, if a person was young forever, he would presumably have a sad life. I will. To have everyone you hold dear grow old and leave this world while you live just the same everyday and never bother about aging is a very sad thing. I'd rather die, just like everybody else. Aging has a purpose, just as youth; death is just as important as life itself.