Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cool clothing stores to watch out for!

I met with Jacks for breakfast this morning, but she had to leave early because she was feeling sick. So I spent the rest of my day browsing through Market! Market! and I got some cool stuff!

These dresses were going for so cheap at this store called "Greta". I love their designs! The dresses were small but very girly. I can't wait to wear them at some party or clubbing event with friends, but not after finding the right chunky shoes to match them! I also got a cool pair of earrings which goes well with the flowery dress on the right.

Meanwhile, it took so long for me to get a shot of the earrings below! At first, I was using a black background (our dining table, complete with grease spots!); no wonder the flowers on the earrings wouldn't show. I switched to my study table (in blonde wood, which doesn't quite go well with our design scheme) and got the shot right. 

Booya! I wanted to get office clothes, but party dresses are way cooler! There's another store  called "Sugarritta" which also sells nice dresses with a bit more fabric than the ones sold in Greta (a sexy-themed store!), but I had to put a lid on my expenses for the day! Anyway, I got another nice top from Sugarritta which looks better in photos when actually worn. So happy about my cute and girly dresses!