Saturday, February 6, 2010

Japan Sinks


For some reason, I cried so much watching this film. I never realized how conscious I am of the Japanese culture and civilization. I love Japanese culture, but I also love Filipino culture. I love all cultures! I like learning new things about people and places all over the world, and I feel sad at the idea that one culture could be totally erased. We humans are so diverse, and I value this diversity. 

Just this afternoon, I went shopping and passed by the southern pearl market. Most of the merchants there are Muslim women, and I love their wares! The jewelry and fabrics and the fashion are unique. Its very beautiful, and I think its very nice that the Japanese, the Chinese, the Indians, the Muslims, the Filipinos and a lot of other cultures express beauty in their own ways; each expression is of course, beautiful.

Entertaining the idea of Japan sinking: it may be a huge disaster for a people to lose their land, but what makes Japan as Japan is the people. The Japanese could be living on American or Australian or wherever, but the culture and the customs remain among them. Nothing could really sink down the people of the rising sun.