Sunday, December 5, 2010

Alumni Homecoming

I am not really familiar with the standards set by whoever as to whenever an alumni reunion must be held. Yesterday, however, we had a college alumni homecoming. It was nice seeing old faces again, friendlier albeit older (and hopefully, wiser) faces. Unlike other reunions, I guess the KC Reunion was a much friendlier affair because no matter how we turned out, there was a general atmosphere of supportive-ness. I was also surprised at the number of fellow Kalayistas taking up law! A few more Kalayaan graduates to enter law school and I'll start thinking about setting up a law students' support group. LOL As if reading cases won't be enough work! Here are some of our pictures:

The triumverate is complete! Also, Carlo looks like Tracy in this shot.
Our requisite photo with the school founders
Old friends. Posing outside and not knowingly, right in front if the school's new van!
Bonus: we got free coffee from Vaj! He's setting up a business of roasting coffee and has given away samples at the event. No wonder Vaj was such a wonderful group mate in our Marketing classes. He's really planning on being an entrepreneur. I hope I will be as successful in my plans of becoming a business lawyer. =)

Free coffee! I am sucker for freebies, you know.
Next week, me and my college sweetheart will be tying the knot. I guess our story didn't end with our college graduation. Neither will our stories with our college friends. =)