Sunday, December 5, 2010

Masquerade Party

Ho hum. I've been busy (and stressed) from all the preparations I have to go through for the wedding (in six days... yikes!) and have been neglecting my personal blog. I feel like hurling through the nearest wall any wedding magazine I see, even when only a few months ago I hungrily and dreamily search each and every page of The Wedding Digest and Martha Stewart Weddings. 

At least, in the last two days, my last weekend of being unmarried, I was able to do some non-wedding-related stuff. Our office Christmas party held last Friday is the most beautiful and opulent office event I've been to so far. I wore an old dress of my sister's, since I wanted to save every peso I have for incidental wedding expenses, even when my mask and jewelry were not exactly cheap. Even when I didn't win the Best Costume award, at least I got to doll myself up. (I'm the simple, classic, button-down shirt, straight skirt and black pumps girl, with only lip gloss on.) Here's a masqueraded me with a cocktail dress on, sans makeup. (One of these days I am truly learning makeup skills, grrr!)

A few pics of my office mates who have turned into faeries and princesses and angels and empresses for the night:

Our Best in Costume awardee: