Sunday, August 30, 2009

How To Make Any Food

Browsing through the net one day, I came across this useful website. Its called "Recipe Puppy" and allows the user to search for recipes to make any food:

Recipe Puppy

I haven't found the time to actually try any of the recipes found on this website, but I found a recipe for vegan bacon using tofu and yeast. Bacon lover that I am, it was interesting to note that there may be several alternatives to my favorite meat.

Just type your food on its search bar, and the next window shows a list of ingredients you may want to choose for your dish, with the amount of recipes involving the same ingredient. Some recipes show pictures of the cooked food. Log on to the website and you may make comments and suggest alterations to the recipe. With a premium membership, you may even get a printable version of the recipe, with customizable fonts and nutrition facts on the side.