Sunday, August 9, 2009

Daycare Nightmare

I must confess that I am a compulsive shopper, especially when it comes to books. I like to buy whatever I can, for the thrill of a getting a good book out of a pile of seemingly worthless ones. In the words of my better half, I find one "diamond in the rough" for every three books I buy. No wonder our bookshelves easily get filled by second hand books, only a small percentage of which I actually get to finish.

But, as luck would have it, I discovered a diamond in the rough today: and not in the form of a book, but a game! Its called Daycare Nightmare, where one plays as Molly, a happy bake storekeeper who suddenly finds herself taking care of a baby monster blob. Yes, monster blob. Soon, the rest of the monster community subscribes to her daycare services. Molly feeds monster babies (blood for baby vampires and milk for the rest), puts them to sleep, puts them in the play area when they get bored, and changes their nappies. Occasionally, she gets bitten by baby vampires throwing tantrums. There are also baby dragons who breathe fire and burn fellow babies and furniture when they don't get what they want; the ghost babies get scary and induce the other babies to pee in fear, while the cyclops babies make a war cry that induce the other babies to fight. I have only played it to the third map; I'm sure there are more monster baby types to come in the latter part of the game.

The game plays like diner dash. Click on a place to move Molly to it and attend to the babies' needs. There's a happiness bar to fill, and when one fills the happiness bar to maximum, Molly gets a high tip, which enables her to buy upgrades for the daycare. The game play is simple, and when Molly doesn't fulfill all of her monster clientele's needs, she gets to be eaten by mommy monsters. Simple enough, eh?

This game is very addicting, and the CD cost only 395 bucks from Datablitz. I'm sure it'll cost less downloaded. It's cute and fun too. I can't wait for the zombie babies! Maybe, Molly can care for enough zombie babies who will grow up to someday bear screen door shields, buckets and trampolines and attack people's gardens in Plants vs. Zombies! (a different game, but a good one also)