Sunday, August 30, 2009

Laughter isn't always the same

I read an informative article on How Stuff Works. Incidentally, I feel as though I get to know the other kinds of laughter more as I grow older. Don't we all laugh honest laughter as children?

The author named 5 different types of laughter.
There is an etiquette laugh, a laughter designed to get along with others or to show one's agreement. People tend to laugh this laugh to get along with others who can help them out. This is the laughter I make when asking for favors!

There is a nervous laughter, done during times of anxiety. Maybe this is the sort of laughter I produce when speaking in class.

The next is pigeon laughter, a laughter produced without opening one's mouth. Hmm. Kind of the laughter I make when eating my lunch?

The last one is a silent laughter. In games of stealth (like paintball), this is probably the best way to laugh without giving away one's position!

And finally, there's the belly laughter. Its the most honest laughter, produced from the belly. I believe this one makes me feel the best. Don't you remember only this sort of laughter from your childhood, and not the other kinds?

The whole article may be read at:

Edmonds, Molly. "5 Different Types of Laughter." 04 June 2009. 30 August 2009.