Saturday, November 7, 2009


My boyfriend and I have recently taken up jogging as a hobby. Yesterday, we went to the University to jog around the academic oval, some 2 kilometers per lap. When I was finished running around a third of my first lap, I suddenly felt pain in my lower abs.

I reached our meeting place, at the peak of the oval in front of a certain building. I found a bench and sat down. By this time, I believe my lips were already turning white with pain. My knees were buckling under me and sweat was pouring down my temples. It felt like my uterus was being torn to pieces from inside of me and the residue wanted to get out of my mouth and my other parts!  Seriously, it was that painful. My head was throbbing and tears were forming in my eyes in pain!

A few minutes later, my boyfriend and his sister reached our meeting place and saw me seated. They were smiling, thinking that I must have pushed myself too much without having warmed up first. But they began to be concerned after I told them what the problem was.

Nevertheless, I didn't want to go back home and end our jog there. After having let them walk a lap and me having rested a bit, we continued our jog / walk, walking two laps because of my cramps.

I'm sort of regular, except that I don't count the whole twenty eight day cycle. I only know that I usually have my period during the end of a month or the start of the new month. It seems as though this month's period came prematurely because of the jog.

I can't believe how intense the pain was. These days, women merely take a painkiller / pill to stop the pain and enable them to go about their daily lives. I can only imagine how women handle menstrual pain in the past. Most other women even have more painful periods than I do.

The whole ordeal made a understand, a little better, how it is to be a woman.