Monday, November 30, 2009

Tracy's Birthday and My New Nephew!

A while back, I posted something about going to the aquarium and eating at a seafood restaurant by the bay. Well, I found out from a reliable source that an aquarium trip wouldn't be worth it: its expensive ticket would allow a visitor only an hour of sightseeing, it is dinghy and uncompleted, and its far. So we decided instead to eat out and walk around to celebrate Tracy's birthday! It was a steak-and-sushi day spent by the beach. I took a lot of pictures, and some of them have already been posted on my Flickr photo stream. The highlight of the trip was the steakhouse, pretty pricey but satisfying. Maybe I'll blog about this restaurant one of these days, but for sure, I'd love to come back to the Highlands Steakhouse.

In other news, my new baby nephew has finally arrived! My sister River reports that our sister Naikee is doing well with her new baby. No further news yet, just some bits and pieces of information and a few pictures posted on Facebook. Here's my sister with Baby Jared:

 Dear Baby Jared, I wish you all the best. This world and this life can sometimes get unfair and upsetting, often it will hit you when you're down. But you can still make the most of it; anybody can. The glass is always half-full.