Saturday, December 12, 2009

Books, nails and Conan at home

I always tell my friends to go to bookstores that are away from academic and financial areas. People in the know haven’t gone to these bookstores, and one is bound to find a good buy in these hard-to-reach places. I happen to be close to such a bookstore, a branch of National Bookstore right behind our neighbourhood. They have a bargain rack, and I got a pretty neat stack of sale books! Lately I’ve been particularly interested in craft books with colourful pictures, (a relaxing change from all the words I got exposed to in law school), and these are the books that I got:

From the top: Wedding Flowers (50 pesos), Holistic Herbs (50 pesos), Decorative Frames (30 pesos), Painting Ceramics (30 pesos), Painting Glass (30 pesos)

Cheap, aren’t they? I had to come back to the bookstore because they charged me 127.50 for a 50-peso book. At least they corrected themselves.

All those pages about painting finally brought me to the salon to have my shabby toenails treated with a pedicure. The lady there offered to do my fingernails as well, and I had my very first manicure ever. Thankfully, my nail colouring didn’t get in the way of my cooking a mean dinner of flank steaks, buttered marble potatoes and mushrooms with herbs.  

What a very relaxing Saturday! I didn’t go out to play Frisbee or watch a movie with my friends, but its fine. It’s also nice to spend a weekend staying at home. I’m looking forward to my morning jog with Carlo tomorrow, and watching DVDs in bed, maybe doing a body scrub or hot oil treatment or foot soak at home. The best part is: I get to sleep past six a.m. during weekends.

Watching Conan the Barbarian starring Arnold Schwarzenegger

I recognized the scene Carlo kept describing to me. What is power? Thulsa Doom, the bad guy of the movie explained. Flesh is more powerful than steel. He gestured to a girl standing on a high ledge to come down. Without hesitation, the girl jumped and dropped dead at his feet. That is power. Indeed, a person who has people ready to die at their beck and call is a powerful person. The power to move and compel others is stronger than the power to wield a sword.