Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Blade Runner

Harrison Ford

Its too bad she won't live; but then again, who does? - Gaff

After months of not having been able to watch this video lent by my boss, I was finally able to - and I liked it. Although there were much to be desired in terms of effects, I love the sets, the story,  the dialogue, the acting, the dark atmosphere of the film, and of course, Harrison Ford. The movie looked like something straight out of the web pages of Web Urbanist, an art/design website which I frequent.

Although the bad guys in the movie were the Replicants (ie, the humanoid machines), I sort of sympathize with them. To me, this is another story of slavery and discrimination. What could the Replicants do, with their human-like appearances and even implanted memories and emotions? In a lot of respects, they are humans, the only aspect separating them from us is their origin. They were manufactured as much as we were given birth to.

Much of my sympathy for the Replicants was derived from the slow-motion "retirement" (ie, killing) of Zhora. She died like a human being, wanting to live and not go gently unto the good night until the very last minute.