Sunday, December 6, 2009

Frisbee Afternoon and Morning Jog

Spent my Saturday afternoon playing ultimate frisbee with my high school friends! I've tried this sport before, with my office mates, but never really took interest in it. This time, with my friends, I got to know it better! Although I went home with my right arm bruised from catching frisbees all afternoon, I had a great time! I wanna learn this sport a lot better.

Jacky, Pam and Jocen practicing catching and throwing the frisbee disk

Of course, we only joined beginners' day but pretty soon, we'll be pros! Pam and I are planning to attend plays on a regular basis. I'm planning to buy my own frisbee so I can practice catching and throwing  with my boyfriend during our jogs in the open field.

I had my morning jog on Sunday as usual, but got menstrual cramps (again!) It's been a month since I've last been attacked by this menace! Ugh!