Sunday, June 13, 2010

Girls, don't try this at home

Yes, my boyfriend plays WoW. Yes, he can get addicted to it, spending whole days and nights sitting on the computer, leveling his character. But, I can give ten reasons... or maybe even more, when I feel like it, to not delete his character. Here they are:
  1. I respect his property and space, and I think online game characters count as property. 
  2. It honestly does not bother me at all. I can get home and fix dinner while we tell each other about our day, all the while he keeps grinding away monsters on the screen. 
  3. It makes him happier, it serves as an outlet of recreation.
  4. It makes him meet friends.
  5. It gives us lots of things to talk about. I love it when he shares his funny experiences while playing online.
  6. It gives me a glimpse into his personality (not that I am not already familiar with it), when he plays with proper etiquette, when he plays nice with others even in ugly situations.
  7. It provides him relaxation and melts away stress from his work day.
  8. It makes him think about getting better computer stuff in the house (ie., a faster internet connection, a more sensitive mouse, a bigger monitor with higher resolution, etc., etc) which of course, benefits me as well. *wink
  9. I love WoW too! I am very interested in its lore. I've never made a character,  thinking it to be additional cost and because I  need time to do a million other stuff, but I have played the TCG (with him, of course) and I think I've played Warcraft before (again, with him). I believe that if I start playing this, I'll get hooked as well!
  10. He plays it a lot, but he still has control. He knows when to stop, when time calls for him to do something else. 
 That being said, here's a video of a girl who deleted her boyfriend's WoW character, and the resulting reaction from him... not a very pretty sight at all. XD