Saturday, June 19, 2010

Malaysia Truly Asia

I know I am mababaw (shallow) but I really like this ad! I love the song; its so calming. I enjoy catching this ad on TV. I like singing the song in my spare time, also, and I wish I could download the full version of this ad so I can watch it whenever I feel like woolgathering.

I am not entirely impressed by Malaysia as a tourist spot. Of course, this is a biased view, because I am a Filipino and I think that the Philippines is still a better looking country (and cheaper!). Maybe if I get to visit Malaysia someday, I will have a point of comparison. From the commercials, though, which showcase Malaysia's tourism wonders, I can name spots in the Philippines which can compete, if not surpass, Malaysian tourist spots. But I am very impressed at the way the Malaysian government promotes tourism in their country. Case in point: this ad. They really make an effort for potential tourists from other parts of the world visit Malaysia. Even I, who already live in a beautiful tropical country, feel encouraged at the thought of visiting Malaysia, because of this ad.