Saturday, June 19, 2010

LOL! Star Wars Photos

Star Wars culture lives on, even after decades! I am not much of a Star Wars fan, but sometimes Star Wars references can get so cute! I found two sites that stretch Star Wars mania to new heights!

Stefan's Flickr Photo Gallery features a set called Stormtroopers 365, a project which got him taking a picture of two storm troopers, TK455 and TK479 in various settings for 365 days (except for a two-day break when his wife gave birth to their son - how cute!) . They look incredibly real in the photos! I went through each of the 365 photos one by one, and when I landed on this photo on the left I laughed!  Stefan's caption on the photo read "Kiss your Emperor". Just look at Palpatine's expression. He looks like a happy Sith!

I also liked the pictures where Stefan portrayed the Laws of Robotics, which I encountered in reading Isaac Asimov. See the pic for the First Law of Robotics here and the Second Law of Robotics here. Third Law pic can be seen here

The Vader Project, which was also featured in Web Urbanist, looks a bit contrived to me, but is still interesting for  Vader fans out there. Sadly, I have no favorites. I guess I just couldn't decide; or maybe I am not much of a fan of Darth Vader. Every Star Wars geek feels possessive of him, after all. I like the pic on the right, though.

Speaking of food and Vader, the two shirt designs below bring together three favorites: Vader, milk and cookies. I just like them for the cuteness, but I can't seem to pull off the college smart-ass look of statement shirts. I think I will look a bit ridiculous wearing them. From Think Geek and Snorg Tees.

10 July Update: Darth Vader' typical breakfast: the Death Star cookie. From Toxel.