Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dr. Quinzel and Dr. Arkham

A few days ago, my boss lent me his Harley Quinn comic books. I got to read them during my commute time (while waiting for a ride in a coffee shop - another story) There was a scene in an issue where Harley got fired by Dr. Arkham himself, when she set the Joker free. Somehow this seemed like an anachronism to me, because Dr. Arkham seems like a very old person, from when Arkham Asylum was first built, presumably in an older time than when Harley and the Joker existed.Speculation led to the Dr. Arkham firing Harley to be Arham Jr. C tries to set things right:
Dr. Arkham lived in more recent times, during the lifetime of the Joker. He had a son, and a wife, but the two didn't survive, killed by an inmate. He died in the asylum, insane, and the people of Gotham decides to name the asylum after him.

This is the Wikipedia excerpt: 

"In Batman: The Last Arkham, Jeremiah is portrayed as the somewhat sadistic administrator of Arkham Asylum who has delusions that the criminals he houses could one day be housed in society. The Asylum had come into Jeremiah's possession after his uncle Amadeus Arkham died after going mad. Jeremiah proceeded to demolish the asylum before rebuilding it with state of the art systems to keep Arkham's criminals, such as The Joker, The Scarecrow and Cornelius Stirk, contained."

There were two Dr. Arkhams, apparently. (A user-generated info, of course.)

PS. I really hate the way some people portray Harley Quinn as a nurse. She was a psychiatric intern! She was doing residency! She had an M.D. after her name!