Friday, April 9, 2010

Anvaya Cove Weekend, Ocean Park Date, Lonesome Spa/Shopping Day

 Taken by C at the Ocean Park.

I'm sitting at home alone while Carlo is spending time with his friends. He left about 2pm today and will be home tomorrow. I tried occupying myself by going to the mall this afternoon, and ended up having a mani / pedi, a facial and foot spa, buying two pairs of shorts, a pair of shoes and a tee shirt. (News: spa girl said I have normal skin -yey!- unlike the last time I went when I was told to have dry skin. Had two cups of Hot Banana Buzz from Mondo Juice, I am addicted!) .When I went home I tried watching the movie my boss lent me (Any Given Sunday) but I can't keep up with the plot. So now I ended up blogging, and I'd like to write about some stuff which made me happy these past few weeks.

Last weekend of March found me with my office mates and bosses in Subic. We stayed in Anvaya Cove, and I got to take some really cool scenic shots of the places we've been to. Looking at my photos, though,  I made a lot of lopsided shots. I thought I wanted to because however hard I concentrate, it would be very difficult to get my shots stable without a camera tripod. Next time though, I'll put more effort in keeping steady while taking pictures. I also lost my left contact lens during a banana boat ride, and had to settle with half-clear vision half of the time. Plus I had little sleep before the trip, so I ended up cranky and sleepy most of the time. Lessons learned so far:
  1. Keep lopsided shots at minimum;
  2. Buy glasses and graded goggles for beach use; and
  3. Sleep well before a trip!
Anyway, I had a lovely time, and I took this wonderful shot of the beach, which shot I am now using as a wallpaper for my laptop:

Weekend after the Anvaya trip, Carlo and I finally went to see the Manila Ocean Park, after almost a year of planning it out! We had a great time! We even got matching souvenir shirts, which we promptly wore during the next day, at a karaoke session with Tracy:

I updated my Flickr account with the photos I took during the last two weekends, but I exceeded my 100 MB monthly limit by uploading ugly shots. I would've thought better of my shots had I know that clearing out space / deleting some photos won't free up space for photos! Next month, I am certainly going to organize my Flickr account! That's another lesson learned, I guess:
  1.  Think well about photos to post in Flickr.
Going to the spa today made me think about going there together with Carlo. Hmm. Maybe our next date will be a trip to the spa! I've been thinking about having a back massage for so long now, also. I think there might be a problem with my back. Or maybe its only the stress. We'll see, I guess.