Saturday, April 17, 2010

Something To Talk About Movie

I cried watching this film. Julia Roberts plays as Grace, who finds out that her husband, Eddie, is cheating on her. She leaves her house and stays at her dad's house. The crazy thing is that everyone around her tells her to look the other way about her husband's cheating. Her own parents, her friends - most everyone - thinks its just a tiny "slip", that cheating is part of any marriage, and that they as a couple should just smooth-en out kinks and live life as always. Grace is one of the few who are of the opinion that it shouldn't be so. Her life
falls apart for a while, she ends up drunk, having shouting spats with friends and family, hating herself, worrying her own daughter and being "something to talk about" in town. But things fall back together again when Grace gets her priorities on straight. She makes up her mind about going back to vet school to finish her degree, and especially gets it out straight to everybody else that she will not go out of her way to forgive her cheating husband just to appease everyone. In the end, Grace doesn't completely close out the possibility of reconciliation with Eddie - but doesn't completely leave it open, either. She leaves it...ajar.

A number of different scenarios played in my head about "damage control" after the cheating incident happened. But I think all of my plans would have turned to dust if a real cheating incident happened to me. I am most afraid of course of losing my cool and losing love and respect for myself. If a guy cheats on a girl, he's a douche bag whose sorry ass deserves to be thrown out. No girl should ever, EVER grovel before a cheating guy to come back to her. Grace did well by keeping her spine and loving herself. Eddie realizes by himself what an ass he's been for cheating on Grace, who was a miracle that happened to him. 

I was used to seeing Julia Roberts in funny movies, but this movie was different. Still, Julia handles it well. She's always been my favorite, even when I was a kid.