Saturday, April 10, 2010

WTH stories part II

 Pic from Gunaxin.

Okay, I'm on a roll and I can't stop. I have to tell my staple stories, interesting and sometimes freaky stories that I've read / heard about. 

The Loving Son 

There was once a father who wasin love with cars. He was such a petrol-head that he read and collected magazines about cars, and was so careful with his own car that he did not let anybody else drive it. Every night after work, he would clean his car and polish it to a deep luster. He saved up so much and eventually bought the car of his dreams, and expensive model which was more than what his means could afford.

One Saturday morning, while he was tightening up the bolts and screws of his car engine, he heard scratching noises.
He immediately walked about to see where it was coming from and found his four year old son sitting on a wagon and using a table fork to scratch the side of the car. He became so mad that he hit his son's hand, telling him what a bad boy he was. The son cried loudly, and it was only a bit later that the father realized that he was still holding a monkey wrench and hitting his son's hand with it. He was barely aware that he hit his son's hand so hard that it severed some of the fingers.

He panicked and profusely apologized, wrapping up the wound and calming his crying son. On the drive to the hospital, his son looked up to him and asked, "Will my fingers grow back soon, Daddy?" The father said nothing, furious at himself.

The wounds were pretty serious and the boy had to stay at the hospital for a while. Feeling like a big jerk, the father went to his car and kicked at the tires, mad at himself. Only then did he notice the scratches on the car. His son has written his first words on it. It read: "I love you, Daddy."

Maria of the Science Lab

Maria was a pretty college student whose science professor was in love with her. He would court her and plead to her and show his favoritism to her in class, but Maria would not return his affections. The professor was deeply in love with her, and when he heard that Maria was being courted by a young man who was favored by her parents, the professor made a plan.

Knowing that Maria has already rejected him, he deliberately gave her a failing mark. When Maria consulted the professor about her mark, he asked her to meet him at the science laboratory, after class, to discuss prospects of saving her grades. Maria was very concerned of her grades, and trusted that the meeting was all about her scholastic performance. When all of her classmates had left, she climbed up to the top floor of the building where the science lab was located, to meet with her professor at the agreed time of six in the evening, just in time for sunset. 

Maria arrived earlier than the professor at the lab, and was very deep in thought. She was such in a daze that the professor had to call her name thrice... "Maria, Maria, Maria" get her attention. When Maria finally noticed the professor around, it was too late. He had grabbed her with his strong hands around his neck. All he thought about was that if he couldn't have Maria for himself, nobody else should have her. He was obsessed. With tears streaming down his cheeks, he squeezed Maria's small neck with his hands, his eyes filled with mad rage.

Maria struggled out of her professor's deadly grasp. In the struggle, she fell to her back on a laboratory table behind her, hitting various laboratory apparatuses, her crazed professor on top of her, choking her neck. She didn't want to die. With her hands, she reached for anything to use as a weapon against her professor... and her hand grasped a broken test tube. She used it to claw at her professor's face over and over again, until blood poured from his face and onto her. Finally, she hit a vein on her attacker's neck and he died, completely insane with his obsession of her. Maria was very furious at her professor, whom she trusted... but it was too late. She had been choked far too long and they both died, bloody among the mess of science lab apparatuses, with the bloody test tube still on Maria's hand.

Legend has it that Maria's enraged spirit still haunts the science lab. At sunset, when a person goes to the science lab and speaks Maria's name thrice, that person had better not turn around...or he/she might find Maria with a bloody broken test tube in hand, ready to claw at his/her face!