Saturday, April 17, 2010

A weird dream

A few nights back, I watched the first half of a zombie movie with a very cool underwater scene of a struggle between a human (who survived), a shark and a zombie. I guess I replayed it over and over in my head. I've never seen an underwater zombie scene in any other movie, after all, let alone one with a shark in it. When I went to bed that night,
I dreamt I was in the same scene, swimming underwater, looking for our fridge on the sea bottom... and finding it. However, there was no disgusting zombie or scary shark, or even the slightest feeling of difficulty in breathing. It was as though I live underwater, swimming with no breathing apparatus, with the sand and the corals and the clear blue water with the beautiful sunlight shining through the surface when I look up. It was just the pretty Carribbean ocean bottom. I opened our fridge underwater, (cold with and with orange light coming out of it) got an apple, closed the fridge, bit on the apple and swam away. Its the same apple which I bought among a bunch of others on the same day, and it was red and sweet and crunchy and juicy. All the time it seemed to me that the fridge, I, and the apple, belonged under water. It was pretty weird.