Saturday, April 10, 2010

WTH monkey story and other scary stories for kids

Pic taken from The Chive.

I decided to watch horror movies again this afternoon, but as it turns out, my copy of the Candyman film is in French, and I don't speak French. It was still impressive, though, and even when I was a kid I've always thought Candyman was the best looking horror film villain of all time. I had to Google Candyman while I was watching the film to help me follow the plot, and I ended up in a scary website for kids. It was so cool, 
they had this story up about monkeys, which I thought was funny in a what-the-hell sort of way. Read it here.

I browsed through the site, and found some cool and funny as well as scary stories. This would've been a hit to my nine year old self. It's like Goosebumps with shorter stories! I knew some of the stories in the site, too. I even have my own, a story which I've heard a long time ago and was always told when driving through country roads at night. This is my version of the story:
A woman had a son who had Down's Syndrome. She had a hard time taking care of her child, with his tantrums and special needs, and especially that people were always making fun of her for having a child who
wasn't considered normal by other people's standards. It was also getting expensive to raise him. Her husband was always away and the family had to travel around a lot. It was becoming very inconvenient for her to take care of her imbecile child.

One time when the son was about five, the husband asked the woman and their son to meet him in Baguio, a city in the mountains. On the way to Baguio were long steep roads with sharp curves, with ditches on the sides. It was a long drive from the capital city of Manila. The woman packed up her car and brought her son with her and drove the long way up to Baguio. However, half way through the trip, her imbecile son told her that he needed to go potty. There were no stops along the road and the next gasoline station, or store, or house were kilometers away. They were all alone in the car on the road in the mountains. Much as she hated to stop, she had to, because she didn't want her son to mess up the car seats.

The woman pulled over to the side of the road and brought her son to a bushy spot nearby, and told him to relieve himself. Being an imbecile, he needed assistance to do so, which she wasn't ready to give; she was already in a foul mood. She told her son to help himself, and he did so, with much difficulty, for his condition worsens when he was upset, and he gets upset whenever his mom was mad at him. While her son's back was at her, the mother thought about how unfortunate it was to have a son like him. They were all alone in the mountains and if something happened to him, they wouldn't be able to get any help quickly... or maybe they didn't need to. 

The woman's face lit up. She just found a solution to all her problems. Slowly, she sneaked up on her imbecile son - and pushed him down the mountains. There wasn't even a sound; her son didn't cry out, as he was taken by surprise and probably didn't know what was happening. It was a drop of about twenty stories high. The woman called out her son's name twice, and when she didn't hear a reply, she got back into the car and drove off. When she reached Baguio, she told her husband of the "accident", and the son was later ruled out to have died in the mountains.

Around a year later, the woman got pregnant again, and when the baby was born, it was a normal, healthy baby boy. The woman was very happy and very proud of her new son. She erased all traces of her dead imbecile son and raised her new son to be the pride of the family. The new son was a bright and talented young boy. The woman and her husband were very pleased.
When the new son was about five, the family decided to spend some time in Baguio. They were a happy family and sang songs along the ride. Halfway through the ride, though, the child had to go potty. He politely asked his dad to stop and car and his mom to come with him.

Both mother and son got out of the car, but the mother soon realized that they stopped at the same spot where her imbecile son had his "accident" years back. The mother knew how deadly the drops at the sides of the road were, and lovingly offered to assist her son. The son held his mother's hand tight. He looked into his mother's eyes and said:
"Please don't push me again, Mommy."