Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Best Friend's Wedding

I guess its pretty obvious that I'm kinda having a Julia Roberts marathon. My Best Friend's Wedding is one of my favorites. This movie kinda reminded me of Five Hundred Days of Summer. It has one message: you  may not be the one, but life goes on. It ended happy or sad, depending on whichever perspective you're seeing it from. From Julianne's (Julia Roberts') perspective, it ended in a kind of sad but okay way, not getting the man of your dreams but letting him off to start married life with the woman of his dreams. From Kim's (Cameron Diaz's) perspective, it ended happily ever after. I know I'd rather be
Kim in the movie, even if it meant having to compete with a woman that your fiance holds high on a pedestal. In the end, she gets the guy. Its a good-looking guy too. I love the character of Michael. Even when he had romantic history with Julianne, having loved her for so long and having treated her as his best friend, he still kept faithful to his feelings for the woman he asked to marry.

I love movies like these, movies that don't end the way they typically should. It gives off the message that you can't have everything in life. You can't have it all, just like in real life, but it couldn't be so bad.