Saturday, April 10, 2010

Thinner Movie

I can't decide whom to root for in this movie. In this movie, an obese lawyer (Billy) who defends a crime boss hits and kills a gypsy woman on the road. He and two others cover up the poor old woman's death and were cursed by the gypsy woman's husband. The curse has Billy lose and lose weight until nearly dead. The two others who were responsible in the old woman's death commit suicide. In order to compel the gypsies to take the curse off him,
Billy has his crime boss friend help him to kill and hurt some of the gypsies and compel them to take off the curse. In the end, the old gypsy man lifts the curse and puts it in a strawberry pie. Anyone who eats the pie will die a horrible death. Billy feeds the pie to his cheating wife, who dies beside him in bed. However, he finds out rather horribly that his daughter also ate some of the pie. At the last scene,
he also invites the man with whom his wife cheats on him to eat the pie.
The gypsies may seem like the bad guys in this movie, with their swindling and dirty schemes and vengeful curses. However, Billy's friend Richie Ginnelli, a crime lord and a maniacal killer is even badder. Even the third party with whom Billy's wife cheats on him is bad. Added to the whole concoction is the tendency of Stephen King's characters to become crazy hysterical freaks. I don't know how the nerdy-looking Stephen King creates crazy maniacal characters. Stephen King himself looks like a regular nerd, especially when he played as the pharmacist in this movie. He's a good actor, though.

I guess the best possible way to evade all of the evils portrayed in this movie is to be good. As in every story. Still, it was a dark and disturbing movie in a retro way. It looked so old to me, even if it was released only in 1997, when I was in fifth grade.